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My name is Alan, and I have cared for dogs for about 6 years with my wife Emily and my two boys. My wife Emily grew up with dogs, and her love for dogs is truly incredible. 
Our love of dogs started with our two Labrador retrievers, and we’ve had them for 6 years, their name is Tyson and Tornado. 
Tyson and Tornado came to our home unexpectedly when they were five weeks old. Unfortunately, the loving military family that had the puppies had to relocate to another country and could not take them. It was like bring two newborns home. We had to act as their substitute mother until they were about 9 weeks old. But when they turned 6 months, we had a family emergency, and we could not find a suitable boarding place for them. They were used to being in a home setting and were not able to find a place where they felt at home. After searching around, we were able to find a pet sitter that welcomes my dogs into her home with open arms. Her 
family was amazing with my dogs, the provider updates daily and pictures. We were so happy to be able to attend to our family emergency without worrying about our dogs. 
After this experience, our dream to provide a doggy boarding and daycare in our home came true. We love and care for all the dogs equally. We provide a home environment for your dog, and you can keep your mind at ease knowing that your doggy will never be home alone and will have lots of doggy and human friends. 
Welcome to wet noses pet sitter, where my home is your doggy’s second home!

Wet Noses
Pet Sitter

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